Keds are cool again.


kate spade keds

And I love them. The more we travel, the more I realize how much I can’t continue to limp through our walking tours.

My first mistake was bringing Uggs to Las Vegas. Turns out there is a LOT of walking on the Strip (and that Uggs are glorified slippers).

On our next trip to Florida, I brought Toms. I was sold.

Turns out it rains a lot in London. My Toms didn’t look so great after that. They were especially uncomfortable on our rainy day in Paris. And they got even worse when we made it to Ireland.

I limped through our tour through Auschwitz in them, and had even more trouble with our tour guide in Poland. Vienna was the last straw.

I AM going to buy comfortable shoes for Italy. I have a little under three months to find them, and my first attempt at finding the perfect pair is with Keds.

Because guess what? Keds are cool again. So cool that even Kate Spade thinks they’re cool, which means the designs are finally ones that I’m a big fan of. Looking good after taking 8 hour walking tours through Europe is pretty hard to do. Here’s to a blister-free vacation..


With love,



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